About us

My name is Maite , pronounced “ May Tai “ from sunny Barcelona living in USA. I am a working mama of two full of spirit kids alongside my supper supportive husband Brian and bizz partner. We are both health nuts no doubt.....He is an awesome MD Family Doctor and I am a Holistic Nutritionist + foodie turned entepreneur. What a combo aha.
When we met I was a modern dancer and he was studying psychology. Who would have told us we would both end up in the health & wellness and ultimately running a business together ?....casualty or causality...
Alright, let me share with how YUMMIX was born.....
I grew up in Barcelona, Spain surrounded by flour, pastries and bread in the early eighties and a dream to become a dancer. My family run a bread business, yup the perfect scenario for a gluten intolerant person like me ahah. Little I knew years later I would trade the bread for a turmeric latte ...
As a baker’ s daughter I grown up eating lots & lots of gluten and wheat...Not surprisingly  since I was seven I lived with painful digestions, joint pain, psoriasis, inflammation, daily loose stools, anxiety and headaches that made my dance training super intense and inconsistent....my joint ached
I hit the very bottom in my mid 20's. I couldn't live any longer feeling that crapy and miserable
If you believe in miracles you will understand this. I felt in my heart that I was given another chance to live and radically transform myself. I started literally inhaling any holistic nutrition book and cookbooks ( before the kindle era aha). I did not wanted to give up the comfort foods I loved and decided to experiment in the kitchen to come up with alternatives. I wanted to completely transform those foods into foods that many could enjoy. Specially bread! I have probably read the ingredient labels of all the GF breads in healthy grocery stores and well......I had to do something about it. No single one could were free of fillers, processed oils, Guams, yeast, processed flours and hidden sugars....
I extensively researched for high quality organic ingredients that align with the company's mission. Phew....what a journey.. well worth the work! If I am doing this, I will only do it using organic certified products that meet our high standards!!
I would not add any ingredient in the mixes I would not feed my family. All our ingredients are certified organic. Our GF flours are stoned ground and most sprouted ( for except of our oats that are certified GF) to aid in digestion and preserve nutrients. NO BS, no fillers, no additives that simply should not be there. Every mix is carefully and lovely formulated to taste amazing , perform well and keep ya'll vibrant.
Our brand is all about the quality of our ingredients and transparency. As a Nutritionist I have seen the other side of "green washing" and false health product claims. Not us. Have any question about the origin, production, recipe or any ingredient? I am here to help!
We are particularly proud of our ALMONDS. Ours are ORGANIC CERTIFIED, UNPASTEURIZED from Spain. If you look around not many ( or not at all) use organic almonds. Even major brands...WHY? THE COST..... They are 4 times the price of its conventional counterparts. BUT AT WHAT COST? They are HEAVILY SPRAYED WITH TOXIC CHEMICALS. Not ours!
In m quest for finding organic almonds I learned a lot, talked to maaaaaany growers in California and Spain and my JAW dropped. If you are not consuming organic almonds, you are basically consuming a nut that is heavily sprayed with glyphosate, petroleum, PPO ( a super toxic chemical used in foams in car seats, aircrafts and more)....Glyphosate is specially known to disrupt your microbiome and contribute to the development of cancerous cells. Not less important is that the pesticides sprayed on conventional grown almond threes are killing honey bees....and as a Nutritionist I could not go around that.....We use almonds responsibly. For this reason our prices have to even out our high ingredient expense to be able to serve you. Please, think about that when shopping our products. Otherwise YUMMIX would never survive.
I could talk all day about our ingredients!! Our masterpiece because is got to be if that is what is feeding our families.
We are thrilled you are here and trust us to feed our family and friends.
Yummy family