In this page we hope to answer some of the most common questions we get. 

If you have any question you would like us to answer, please summit it on the CONTACT page please. Thanks!


1- GF, Organic flour brands I recommend for the mixes that ask for extra dusting flour. 

-Essential organics


-Blue mountain organics


-Sprouted flour company



2- Bread Pan sizes for best results:

For the sandwich version:

-For tallest bread and best results:


- Anything about 8 inch bread pans will work but the bread wont be as tall.

For the boule, rustic bread:

-Round cake pans 6 x 2 or 6 x 3 are your best choice


*For all the suggested above line them with UNBLEACHED parchment paper "IF YOU CARE"






1-Why my bread did not rise like the pictures?
-Make sure your oven is preheated to 450 F before putting the bread in.
-SANDWICH VERSION : The ideal size for a good GF bread rise is 7 to 8 inch bread pan MAXIMUM. The larger the pan, the more flat the bread will be.
-RUSTIC BREAD VERSION: For best results use a 7 inch ROUND cake pan.
-Don't open the oven door once the bread is in.
-Add the ice cubes fast and close the door . Then quickly add the bread in to bake and close it.
-Make sure you knead the bread vigorously ( either by hand or machines referred in the directions) for a total of 3 min.
-If still the bread did not rise like the pictures could be that your oven temperature is not heating as it shows. Using a small oven thermometer for an accurate reading might be important.
2-Why my bread loos gummy and or/ raw inside?
-Its important that you unfold the bread right after is done and let it cool off for 2:30 to 3 hours. If you won't. You are guaranteed a gummy bread.
-Make sure you dont OVERMIX the dough. Follow the directions for proper mix techniques and times.
3-Why my bread sank a little once baked?
-That is just normal. We create air bubbles by kneading and these activate while in contact with heat and leavening agents. Then as the bread is out and cools off, it can deflate a bit. It will not affect the flavor or the texture.
4-Will the bread pour out of the mold when it bakes?
It might give you that impression if you use the pan sizes we HIGHLY SUGGEST you use for best results. The dough is going to fill out the full container before you put it in the oven but won't pour out the container when baking.
Only if you use 7 to 8 inch pan. If you use smaller than that I can't guarantee it won't happen.
5-What bread pans do you recommend to use?
Great question! Go to the FAQ'S page in our website. I have attached links to the pans we use. These are very affordable and versatile and worth there small investment if you plan to baker this bread often and do other bakings.
6-Do you need to grease the pan?
I personally prefer using parchment paper . I use the "IF YOU CARE BRAND" to ensure that no chemical leaching happens in my bread.